HPP: A Journey Through the Body

Learn how this metabolic bone disorder impacts the body.

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HPP Community’s Rare Talents

This year for Rare Disease Day we are celebrating that we are not defined by our disease. Instead, this year we want to shine the spotlight on the amazing talents of our HPP patients through our campaign, “My disease is Rare and so am I”.

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Educate. Empower. Connect.

Soft Bones Foundation was formed in 2009 to provide information and a community to educate, empower and connect patients living with hypophosphatasia (HPP), their families and caregivers.

The mission of Soft Bones, Inc. is to provide valuable information, education and support for people living with hypophosphatasia (HPP), their families and caregivers. The Foundation promotes research of this rare bone disease through awareness and fund-raising efforts.

What Is HPP?

HPP is a condition that affects healthy development of bones and teeth, making bones softer and more likely to fracture. People who have HPP have trouble making an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase, or ALP. Without this important ALP enzyme, certain chemicals build-up and prevent calcium and phosphorus from binding together and depositing in the bones. As a result, bones can become soft, curved and fragile, and teeth may become loose or fall out prematurely.

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